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Welcome to NWOC orienteering for 2016.

Latest Updates

18 July 2016: Results for AOS 7

29 May 2016: Results for Rogaine 3

15 May 2016: Results for Rogaine 2

3 May 2016: Change of venue for Rogaine 2 which is now at Slater Rd

1 May 2016: Results for Rogaine 1

17 April 2016: Results for Auckland Orienteering Series 3 and 4

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2016 Club Memberships due

Subscriptions for the 2016 calendar year are due, download a 2016 membership form - note that electronic payments are preferred thanks!

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NWOC Club Championships

The North West Orienteering Club Championships will be held at AOS11, Sunday 9th Oct 2016. Simply turn up at AOS11 and run a course that has an age group you are eligible to enter.

Note that you must be a paid up NWOC member to be eligible for the NWOC championships.

Course Men Women
White M10 W10
Yellow M12 W12
Orange Short - W14, W21B
Orange Long M14, M21B -
Red 5 M80 W70, W80
Red 4 M70 W16, W21AS, W60
Red 3 M16, M21AS, M60 W18, W21A, W40, W50
Red 2 M18, M21A, M40, M50 W20, W21E
Red 1 M20, M21E -

Events coming up

For event details and the full 2016 calendar go to our Events page. A full calendar of NZ orienteering events appears on ONZ.

When Who What Where Info
14 Aug 2016 AOC Auckland Orienteering Series 8 South Block, Woodhill Forest Event information, entry via Muriwai gate
04 Sep 2016 CMOC Auckland Orienteering Series 9 Waiuku South Event information
11 Sep 2016 AOC Training day
18 Sep 2016 NWOC Auckland Orienteering Series 10 Whites Line, Woodhill Forest Event information
09 Oct 2016 AOC Auckland Orienteering Series 11, NWOC Club Champs Woodhill Forest, Restall Rd Event information. This event will double as the NWOC Club Championships

More events...

NWOC Club Shirts

New NWOC club shirts $90. There is a range of sizes available; try on and purchase at NWOC club events.