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December 2016NW Prizegiving, new NWOC Membership database
October 2016NW Prizegiving, Oceania/WMG
August 2016WOC, World Rogaine Experiences, JWOC Experiences
July 2016JWOC, WOC, Oceania and World Masters Games
May 2016WOC, Rogaine Series
April 2016JWOC, Katoa Po and Nationals wrap-up
March 2016Sprint training
February 2016 (#2)Forest camp, 2016 events, Event roster
February 20162016 event calendar. Katoa Po


August 2015 (#2)Auckland Relays
August 2015JWOC, WOC, NZSS
July 2015Sprint training, Queen's Birthday wrap-up
May 2015WOC selections, Queen's Birthday, Club gear survey
April 2015 (#2)Training day, Queen's Birthday, Rogaine series
April 2015Club coaching day, Queen's Birthday, Rogaine series
March 2015NZ Champs, Katoa Po, JWOC Trials
February 2015 (#2)Auckland Orienteering Series
February 2015Tasmania trip, Boot camp, Katoa Po


December 2014 (#2)Laurie Baxter and Bert Chapman pass away
December 2014NWOC 2015 committee, Katoa Po
November 2014 (#2)AGM, prize giving, 2015 events, Katoa Po, Hakan Carlsson
November 2014AGM and prize giving
October 2014 (#2)Ralph King, AGM and prize giving
October 2014Ralph King, Aussie champs, Club coaching
September 2014NWOC juniors selected for NZ, Coaching, NWOC champs
August 2014NZ school teams, AOC coaching weekend
July 2014 (#2)OY2 rescheduled to 27th July
July 2014OY2 Cancelled - Woodhill Forest closed
May 2014 (#2)Auckland Club Sprint Relays
May 2014Club training day, Rogaine Series, Enduro run
April 2014 (#2)Club trip to Tasmania
April 2014JWOC team, club training
March 2014 (#2)TONIC, club training, Rogaine Series
March 2014A Series, Woodhill gate fee, Boot Camp, TONIC
February 2014MTBO carnival, TONIC, Katoa Po


November 2013AGM and prize giving, MTBO carnival
October 2013Australia trip report, AGM and prize giving, MTBO carnival
September 2013OY6, 7 and 8, NWOC and Auckland champs, MTBO
August 2013JWOC feedback, Junior Camp, Training Weekend, NWOC Champs
July 2013Club Training Day
June 2013AOA Relays
May 2013 (#2)Trip to Australia
May 2013Rogaine series
April 2013 (#2)Club coaching, mapping, Mahurangi permanent course
April 2013Nationals, rogaine series, NWOC Australia trip, World Schools in Portugal, Schools sprint series
March 2013New members, JWOC, NWOC Boot Camp
February 2013New members, 2013 Calendar, NWOC subscriptions, MTBO


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